Mar 27

Publishers Weekly starred review for Gideon the Ninth

Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

“Queer necromancers vie for power, solve ancient puzzles, and cross rapiers while exploring haunted deep-space ruins in this madcap science fantasy romp that manages to be both riotously funny and heartbreaking. Eighteen-year-old orphan Gideon Nav has spent her life devising ways to escape indentured servitude to the Ninth House. When Harrowhark Nonagesimus, the sole daughter and heir to the Ninth, sees a chance to become a Lyctor, right hand to the Necromancer Divine, she needs a cavalier by her side if she hopes to beat out the candidates of the other eight Houses—and only Gideon will do. Much as her necromancers do with human remains, Muir effortlessly compiles macabre humor, body horror, secrets, and tenderness into the stitched-together corpse of a dark universe, then brings it to life with a delightfully chaotic, crackling cast of characters and the connective tissue of their relationships. From the mad science joys of necromantic theory to the deliciously ever-evolving tension between Gideon and Harrow, this adventurous novel not only embraces its strangeness but wrings delight from it. The result is an addictive, genre-bending book that will wow readers with its vibrant energy, endearing cast, and emotional gut-punch of a finale.” — Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Mar 25

Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee is a NYT Bestseller! (Redux)

Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee appears at #4 on the New York Times middle grade hardcover best sellers list! Congratulations again, Yoon!

Mar 21

Yoon Ha Lee is a Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award finalist!

Congratulations to Yoon Ha Lee for his story “The Starship and the Temple Cat” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies 2/1/18) being one of the finalists for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for best science fiction story of the year!

Mar 18

Wild Country by Anne Bishop is a NYT and USA Today bestseller!

Wild Country by Anne Bishop has debuted on the New York Times fiction bestsellers list at #14 on the print & ebook combined list! It has also debuted at #35 on the USA Today bestsellers list!

Mar 5

Locus on Ancestral Night

Ancestral Night by Elizabeth Bear

“This book is in conversation with a number of others, first of all with Bear’s own – this future is tied to her Jacob’s Ladder trilogy (Dust, Chill, and Grail) via a mention of that “famous ship from history.” There are also strong echoes of C.J. Cherryh and Iain M. Banks – especially the latter, since the Synarche is clearly a cousin of the Culture: an ancient, galaxy-spanning, multi-species polity dedicated to what we might call rational and utopian values (also prone to snarky ship names, e.g., the Synarche Justice Vessel I’ll Explain It To You Slowly). That, in turn, connects with Haimey’s debates with Farweather about freedom and authenticity, which echo Greg Egan’s frequent examinations of ways of engineering the self (e.g., “Chaff” or “Mister Volition”).

Not that it’s all applied philosophy and psychology. The chases, escapes, and discoveries of ancient alien artifacts and haring across half the galaxy and back again make for as gaudy an adventure as one could want, as does the cast of AIs, sociopathic libertarian pirates, snoozy cats, and particularly a charming giant predatory alien-insectoid cop. And this is just Volume One. I quake to imagine what the encore will be like. ” — Locus

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