Jun 27

Dragon Pearl is one of Amazon’s Best children’s books of 2019 so far!

Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee is one of Amazon’s Best children’s books of 2019 so far!

Jun 24

Publishers Weekly on The Border Keeper

The Border Keeper by Kerstin Hall

“This quiet but intricate novella, shored up by rich prose, takes readers through the eerie, fantastical terrain of the afterlife. A man named Vasethe comes to the guardian of the boundary between the world of the living and Mkalis, the spirit world. His request is an old and familiar one: for her to be his guide as he ventures into the spirit world of Mkalis to find the soul of his departed lover. As the story slowly unfurls, however, branching like the bloody, beautiful, and disorienting 999 realms of Mkalis, Vasethe’s secrets slowly come to light, revealing that his goal is not quite what he made it out to be—and also that his quest threatens the stability of the boundary the border keeper has protected for her hundred lifetimes…The tangle of love, loss, grief, and regret that is gradually exposed as the book’s emotional core feels tender and profound. Readers more interested in the journey than the destination will savor this venture into the underworld.” — Publishers Weekly

Jun 20

Dragon Pearl is a Horn Book Summer Reading selection!

Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee is a 2019 Horn Book Summer Reading middle-school selection!

Jun 17

B&N SFF on Ancestral Night

Ancestral Night by Elizabeth Bear

“Ancestral Night’s tropes are the basic building blocks of genre—galaxy-spanning mysteries, pirates and rogues, long-lost alien tech, hyperspace travel, harrowing space combat—but Bear deploys them with expert precision. Imagine James S.A. Corey at his snarkiest, plus the bold sci-fi invention of Peter F. Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn trilogy, topped off with the rich characterization of Lois McMaster Bujold. The result is both familiar and wholly unique, managing a precarious balance between huge SFnal ideas—just wait until you find out about the Ativahika, an alien species whose abilities and appearance will boggle your mind—and an imminently approachable style, thanks to Haimey’s roguish narrative voice.

Bear’s first sci-fi novel in more than a decade has everything going for it: big space battles, thrilling action, a scrappy crew, and huge mysteries with galaxy-wide implications. Ancestral Night is space opera at its best and boldest, making you think hard even as it gets your blood pumping and your imagination flowing.” — B&N SFF

Jun 13

B&N Kids on Dragon Pearl

Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee

“Dragon Pearl, by Yoon Ha Lee, the most recent book from Rick Riordan Presents, takes Korean mythology on a wild adventure in space, and it’s tremendously fun!

Min may not be a role model for principled rule following, but her brash fearlessness drives this story beautifully! As more and more tangles to her brother’s story emerge, and the stakes get higher, she starts to rely less on her magic and more on her intelligence, and her friends, in a nice bit of character growth. Her fox magic, and the magic of other supernatural types of persons, both living and dead, drawn from the rich well of Korean mythology, are seamlessly interwoven with the science fiction story of danger on board a spaceship in a vast network of planets, making this a truly delightful read for fans of every age!” — B&N Kids

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