Jan 26

Library Journal on The Lady In Glass and Other Stories

The Lady In Glass and Other Stories by Anne Bishop

“This collection contains Bishop’s (The Queen’s Price) previously published flash fiction and short stories, along with a handful of new tales. Bishop has organized her stories based on theme and provides a short introduction to each section. Her notes about the stories are intimate and often set the scene for the upcoming titles. The stories themselves consist mostly of high fantasy or dystopian science fiction and include much of her early fiction, fairy-tale retellings, and some stand-alone stories. While Bishop includes a few stories set in the worlds of her beloved series (“Black Jewels,” “A Novel of the Others”), readers can also expect a wide variety of new worlds that still contain the familiar themes of feminine power and justice. The book will likely hook her tried-and-true fans with extra stories from her successful series, but this collection’s strength lies in its other tales, with “Friends and Corpses” being the highlight.

VERDICT Recommended for fans who are curious about Bishop’s journey as a writer and are interested in reading about the inspiration and motivation behind her stories.” — Library Journal

Jan 4

Library Journal on The Queen’s Price

The Queen’s Price by Anne Bishop

“In the aftermath of the troubles from the previous book, The Queen’s Weapons, three young women must make decisions which will affect not only themselves, but those around them, as Witch provides them with guidance. Queen-in-training Zoey may now be safe within the walls of SaDiablo Hall, but she is still vulnerable to those with sharp tongues and dark thoughts. When a stranger arrives at the hall looking for sanctuary, Zoey’s attempts at friendship could put everyone around her in danger. Meanwhile, Jillian is preparing for her rite of passage that ensures she’ll keep her witch power and the jewels she wears, but a heart secret means facing her powerful family members and their lethally protective natures. Then there’s Saetien, who travels away to discover information, which may finally let her face her own truths as daughter of the High Lord of Hell.

VERDICT A fine continuation of the “Black Jewels” series, keeping the legacy alive with its tangled web of family and power. Bishop’s devoted fans will devour this, while readers of Nalini Singh and Ilona Andrews who enjoy high fantasy may want to start this series from the beginning.” — Library Journal

Mar 17

Crowbones by Anne Bishop is a USA Today bestseller!

Congratulations to Anne Bishop on Crowbones (the newest book set in the world of the Others) hitting the the USA Today best-selling books list!

Dec 1

Library Journal on Crowbones

Crowbones by Anne Bishop

“A new entry (following Lake Silence) in Bishop’s “World of the Others” urban fantasy series set in an alternate North America. It’s Trickster Night in Lake Silence, a celebration of ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night. Lake Silence is a mostly human settlement in an area controlled by the terra indigene, or the Others (a group of supernatural beings and cryptids), making Trickster Night a perfect chance to generate tourism from humans who want to walk a bit closer to the real wild side. It’s all fun and games and just a bit of a fright, until someone uses those small fears to turn humans and terra indigene against each other in order to cause trouble and learn how to get the better of the powerful Others. It’s up to the human storyteller, the police chief, and the local vampire leader to figure out what’s gone rotten in town before the overseeing council sweeps in with a permanent and deadly solution.

VERDICT A compelling exploration of manipulative personalities, small town murders, and the lengths to which these fascinating and beloved characters will go in order to protect one of their own.” — Library Journal

Mar 19

The Queen’s Weapons by Anne Bishop is a USA Today bestseller!

Congratulations to Anne Bishop on The Queen’s Weapons (the second book in the new Black Jewels duology) hitting the the USA Today best-selling books list!

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