Apr 8

Romantic Times on new Retrievers novel by Laura Anne Gilman

Blood from Stone (Retrievers, Book 6)

“Gilman’s sixth — and hopefully not final! — Retrievers novel is of a piece with the others — paced at breakneck speed, compulsively readable and with a believable story. Wren continues to be a compelling protagonist, and her relationship with Sergei is as steady and as sure as her magic.” –Romantic Times

Oct 20

new collection from Laura Anne Gilman

As reported on Publishers Marketplace:

Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Laura Anne Gilman’s DRAGONVIRUS, a collection of related stories, to Deborah Layne of Wheatland Press.

May 5

new series from Laura Anne Gilman

As reported on Publishers Marketplace:

Retrievers series author Laura Anne Gilman’s VINESPELL, the first in the Vineart Wars, in which magic is the province of winemakers and a young apprentice must save the world, to Jennifer Heddle at Pocket, in a very nice deal, in a three-book deal, for publication in Fall 2009.

Mar 25

Starred Review in Publishers Weekly for Free Fall

Author Laura Anne Gilman scores a Starred Review for the newest book in the Retrievers series: Pre-Order Free Fall today!

“Picking up shortly after the devastating battle between humans and fey atop the Brooklyn Bridge in 2007’s Burning Bridges, Gilman’s compelling fifth foray into the fantastic netherworld of modern-day Manhattan takes an even darker turn. Most of the surviving members of the Cosa Nostradamus, an informal collective of demon Fatae and magic-using human Talents, have retreated into hiding, while the Silence, a violently anti-fey covert organization, has regrouped under the leadership of a dangerous fanatic. When Wren Valere, a professional thief and Talent, takes on a simple smash-and-grab job that turns out to be a setup, she swears to stop the Silence and their fey-hunting vigilantes once and for all. With streamlined prose, Gilman deftly weaves intricate plot threads and complex relationships into an almost painful buildup of violent suspense. The result is an intelligent and utterly gripping fantasy thriller, by far the best of the Retrievers series to date.” (May) –Publishers Weekly

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