May 15

Network Effect by Martha Wells is a NYT and USA Today bestseller!

Network Effect by Martha Wells, the first full-length Murderbot novel, has debuted on the New York Times fiction bestsellers list at #14 on the print & ebook combined list, and has also debuted at #21 on the USA Today bestsellers list!

May 12

Booklist starred review for Network Effect

Network Effect by Martha Wells

“Everyone’s favorite Murderbot is now working as a security consultant for Preservation Station. While accompanying several members of Dr. Mensah’s family on a research outing, they’re attacked by a ship that looks a lot like their old friend, the transport ship ART. Murderbot and Amena, Mensah’s daughter, are kidnapped and taken aboard, where they uncover a plot that leads back to a strange planet, corporate machinations, and a possible alien contagion. The Murderbot novellas were perfectly paced to fit a ton of action into a short form. Network Effect is just as action-packed, but the pace is now calibrated to fill a full novel, which gives it more breathing room and opportunities to explore the characters and the setting in greater depth. Relationships between all the characters are richer and more nuanced. Wells reveals more about Dr. Mensah’s family and some surprises about ART and establishes more details about how the Corporations function, the contrasts between the Corporate Rim and Preservation Station, the politics at play, and some of the history of pre-Corporate planetary colonization attempts. It’s a welcome expansion of this universe and lays the groundwork for more stories to come in a series that continues to grow and impress.” — Booklist, Starred Review

Apr 20

Network Effect featured on the May 2020 Indie Next List

Network Effect by Martha Wells is featured on the May 2020 Indie Next List!

Review: “Martha Wells’ Murderbot Diaries has become one of my favorite series of all time, and Network Effect is a perfect addition. Murderbot is still trying to figure out what it wants after hacking its governor module. In the meantime, it spends its days protecting the humans it cares about. Of course, everything goes terribly wrong when a friend shows up to kidnap Murderbot and its humans are along for the ride. Network Effect isn’t just fun and action-packed, it’s also emotional and thought-provoking. I love Murderbot!”

Feb 21

Publishers Weekly starred review for Network Effect

Network Effect by Martha Wells

“Hugo- and Nebula-winner Wells’s excellent first full-length Murderbot Diaries novel (after the novella Exit Strategy) sees her hilariously humanlike Artificial Intelligence Security Unit recount a routine space mission gone horribly awry. […] SecUnit’s gloriously candid, frequently confused assessments of its crew and their predicaments allow for an amusingly childlike perspective on what it means to be human. Wells puts an astonishing amount of technical detail into SecUnit’s narrative, which will please hard sci-fi readers without detracting from the engaging story line. Series fans and anyone who enjoys humor-infused space operas won’t want to miss this.” — Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Jul 15

Artificial Condition wins Locus Award!

Congratulations to Martha Wells on Artificial Condition, the second book in the Murderbot Diaries, winning the 2019 Locus Award for Best Novella!

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