scholes-canticleCanticle (The Psalms of Isaak)

In the second Psalms of Isaak volume, civil war rages across the Named Lands. Following the annihilation of Windwir, an ancient metropolis preserving precious Old World knowledge, the Y’Zirite religious cult responsible for the city’s destruction reveals itself by assassinating the guests at a feast held by Gypsy King Rudolfo. As battle lines are drawn and new alliances are formed, other principals face their own struggles. Windwir survivor Neb seeks his fate in the Churning Wastes. Neb’s beloved, the Marsh Queen Winters, discovers Y’Zirite members among her people. Scholes adds new layers of mystery and intrigue while fleshing out the compelling characters of one of speculative fiction’s most spellbinding new sagas. — Booklist