Truthseeker by C. E. Murphy

Truthseeker is the first half of a duology, and it’s a charming and fast-paced novel from veteran fantasist Murphy. Featuring a contemporary setting with a fantastical twist, there are no dark demons or vampires here: just a faerie prince, a practical-minded young woman with the knack of knowing the truth and a compelling story that will leave you wanting more.

Lara Jansen is a quiet young woman serving an apprentice-ship at a bespoke tailoring firm in Boston when she is swept into the middle of a war in Faerie. Blessed­or cursed­with the ability to tell when people are telling the truth, she encounters Dafydd ap Caerwynn (faerie prince and hapless weatherman) and her life changes forever when he asks her to solve his brother’s murder. Outside of her comfort zone, Lara agrees to help and she steps through the doorway into Faerie, where things and time aren’t always what they seem.

Romantic Times, 4 Stars