Pack of Lies by Laura Anne Gilman

Gilman’s second Paranormal Scene Investigations is a fast, compelling read. Following Bonnie’s POV is fantastic, and the secondary characters are equally well drawn, especially Pietr and Sharon. Bonnie’s intelligence and perceptiveness really make this book go and readers will root for her and the team to solve their investigation. Gilman handles an extremely sensitive subject with grace and compassion.

Bonnie Torres and the rest of the PUPI team have been called out to the scene of a horrific crime – a ki-rin’s human companion was attacked, and the attackers ended up dead or gravely injured by the ki-rin (a unicorn-like creature, with the attendant purity requirement). Things are always more complicated than they appear on the surface, especially with tensions between the human and fatae heating up. Also heating up is the relationship between Bonnie and her boss, Benjamin Venec – and since he’s her boss, that may not be exactly the brightest idea either of them has ever had. — Romantic Times, 4 1/2 Stars, Top Pick