Glamour in Glass by Mary Robinette Kowal

This is a wonderful book. Kowal has taken such care grounding her story in the time and place in which it’s set that the addition of magic is truly seamless. Jane is a superb heroine and her insistence that her marriage truly be between equals is a real highlight.

Newly married, Jane and Vincent head to France and Belgium for their honeymoon. With Napoleon exiled to Elba, it is now safe for British citizens to travel to the continent. Jane and Vincent head to the Belgian town of Binché to stay with Vincent’s glamourist colleague, M. Chastain. Once there, Vincent confers with M. Chastain about glamour and Jane starts to work on how to capture a glamour in glass. Jane’s study, however, is mostly theoretical as she finds herself in a delicate condition and can no longer actively work glamour. Their pleasant interlude is interrupted by Napoleon’s escape from Elba and subsequent march to Belgium. When Vincent is captured as a potential spy it falls to Jane, alone and with nearly no resources, to devise a plan to save her husband and her marriage. — Romantic Times, 4 1/2 Stars