Dragon Justice by Laura Anne Gilman

Relationships are at the heart of this book: from mentor-protégée partnerships to the bond among siblings and friends and finally to the growing intimacy between colleagues on the cusp of becoming lovers. Gilman spends a good deal of time exploring — and subverting — the trope of the fated-to-happen relationship. Readers will find this to be an engaging and fast-paced read.

Bonnie Torres, an investigator with PUPI (Private, Unaffiliated Paranormal Investigations), has worked one too many days in a row. She needs time to rest and recharge her magical batteries. So, when she’s invited to spend a few days in Philadelphia with Benjamin Venec, she jumps at the chance. Ben may be her boss, but they also have a magical bond that they need to figure out how to live with. However, no sooner does Bonnie arrive than they’re called in by the local police to consult on a couple of murders, which quickly turns into a wide-ranging investigation of a string of serial murders that spans decades. With the rest of the team on-site, Bonnie and Ben need to temporarily back-burner their personal issues and track down the perpetrators of these crimes before someone else dies. –Romantic Times, 4 Stars