Baba Yaga’s Daughter and Other Tales of the Old Races by C.E. Murphy

Best friends and sometimes bitter rivals, master vampire Eliseo Daisani and dragonlord Janx encounter a young woman who claims to be the daughter of the witch Baba Yaga. When her daughter apparently dies, Baba Yaga swears eternal enmity against both Eliseo and Janx. In places and times as far-flung as New York in the 1920s (“Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”), gangland Chicago (“Chicago Bang Bang”), and the Summer of Love (“The Age of Aquarius”), the lives of Daisani, Janx, Daisani’s enigmatic associate Vanessa Grey, Margrit Knight (known as the Negotiator), and the nameless woman once known as Baba Yaga’s daughter intersect, creating a legacy destined to endure through the ages. These ten tales set in the world of Murphy’s Negotiator novels (Heart of Stone; House of Cards; Hands of Flame) come together to tell a larger story of rivalry and love.

VERDICT These elegantly written stories should appeal to those who want more Negotiator tales as well as to fans of vampire fiction and Russian folklore. — Library Journal