scholes-requiemRequiem by Ken Scholes

The battle of the Named Lands is in full swing, and seems to have been dominating the lives of Winters, Rudolfo, Jin Li Tam, Petronus and Neb for much longer than the mere 18 months it has been roaring on. The Y’Zirites have a much more firm foothold on the world the previously expected, and young Jakob is being stalked by forces of a most shocking origin. Scholes’ worldbuilding in the Psalms of Isaak series is unparalleled, and the intricate details that make up this novel only add to its complexity. Scholes’ fantastic characterization is on full display here, especially in the characters of Jin Li Tam, Rudolfo and Winters… the ending is absorbing and wrenching, with a decided cliffhanger. Be prepared to throw a book, a cat or an errant spouse when you turn the last page. — Romantic Times, 4 Stars