Witch King by Martha Wells is on the New York Times Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2023 list!

“Martha Wells’s WITCH KING (Tordotcom, 414 pp., $28.99) is an immersive throwback to a beloved species of 1990s fantasy doorstop, full of cataclysmic intrigues between mostly immortal families, rounded out with a list of dramatis personae and a map. The titular Witch King, Kai, wakes from an enchanted sleep to find that he and his best friend, Ziede, have been betrayed and imprisoned, and that Ziede’s wife, Tahren, is missing. They escape and embark on a quest to find Tahren and root out the conspiracy that separated the couple.

Wells is working at the height of her powers here, and it’s relaxing to be carried along for a ride in the company of such a phenomenal storyteller.”