Dec 18

Bear and Dickinson on’s 2015 Reviewers’ Choice list

Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear and The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson are among the Reviewers’ Choice Best Books of 2015!

Dec 16

RT Book Reviews on Amish Homecoming by Jo Ann Brown

Amish Homecoming by Jo Ann Brown

“Leah Beiler and her twin brother left their Amish community 10 years ago. She is now returning with her orphaned niece Mandy in tow. Many in the community, including her own family, never understood their departure. Former love Ezra Stoltzfus is cautiously optimistic about Leah’s return. However, he longs to know the truth. Will Leah’s daed accept her and Mandy back into his life? Is it too late for Leah and Ezra? And how will a little dog save the day? The story is rich with relatable struggles and characters. It is easy for the reader to empathize with the difficult situation Leah is facing.” — RT Book Reviews, 4 stars

Dec 14

Locus on Chapelwood by Cherie Priest

Chapelwood by Cherie Priest

“Most of the reviews of Cherie Priest’s new-ish Maplecroft and its just-released quasi-sequel Chapelwood focus on what her world borrows from H.P. Lovecraft. Those reviews are totally right. There are a lot of tentacles and creeping dread in these two titles. They are loving tributes to Cthulhu and all that dread lord has wrought… While the story is its own force ­ and works a charm, given Priest’s choice to stage the whole book as a series of letters and/or internal monologues by the main actors ­ the Lovecraftian mythos serves as a lovely candy shell around the nougat of cultural commentary Priest is engaging in… Add to that smart subtext a young, female protagonist who is more than capable of rescuing herself, thank you very much, plus an ending that doesn’t fit the expected beats of a climactic ending but is incredibly satisfying ­ and Chapelwood becomes much more than a Lovecraft knock-off. It is wholly and wonderfully itself.” — Locus Magazine

Dec 11

Jay Lake’s Last Plane to Heaven wins Endeavour Award

lake-lastplanetoheavenCongratulations to Jay Lake, whose Last Plane to Heaven: The Final Collection has won the 2015 Endeavour Award, presented at this year’s Orycon in Portland, OR.

Dec 9

RT Book Reviews on Her Longed-For Family by Jo Ann Brown

Her Longed-For Family by Jo Ann Brown

“The third book in the Matchmaking Babies series opens with Lord Warrick asking Lady Caroline Trelawney Dowling for help in refining his manners in order to find a wife and provide an heir. Lady Caroline finds that she enjoys spending time with Lord Warrick. For reasons of her own, Lady Caroline has chosen not to marry. But will Lord Warrick and the two abandoned children she has been taking care of make her change her mind? Brown’s latest is a faith-filled read sure to touch hearts. Readers will be pleased to find out that the storyline about the children’s origins is resolved. In addition, previous characters are back as the story wraps up all loose ends nicely and culminates in a moving ending.” — RT Book Reviews, 4 stars

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