Apr 7

Ninefox Gambit is a Hugo Award finalist!

Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee is a finalist for the 2017 Hugo Award for Best Novel!

Apr 4

Barnes & Noble SFF on Brimstone

Brimstone by Cherie Priest

“In Brimstone, award-winning author Cherie Priest, a mistress of many genres—horror, southern gothic, science fiction, and steampunk—melds historical fiction with the fantastical, and makes magic…Cherie Priest is a deft storyteller in any genre, and history really does come alive when she puts pen to paper. Brimstone, in particular, will appeal to those who enjoy a bit of strange history to go along with their magic.” — Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Mar 23

Publishers Weekly starred review for All Systems Red

All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries 1) by Martha Wells

“SecUnit, aka Murderbot, is a semiorganic corporate profit center, genderless and constructed of cheap parts to perform contract bodyguard services for clients who mostly don’t want them. SecUnit can choose its attitude because it has hacked its governor (a hat-tip to Susan R. Matthews), blocking the functions that would punish it for anything but robotic obedience. Disgusted by humans and secretly addicted to a video serial called Sanctuary Moon, SecUnit is simply enduring another assignment until something completely outside of its data parameters tries to kill its humans. Nebula finalist Wells (Edge of Worlds) gives depth to a rousing but basically familiar action plot by turning it into the vehicle by which SecUnit engages with its own rigorously denied humanity. The creepy panopticon of SecUnit’s multiple interfaces allows a hybrid first-person/omniscient perspective that contextualizes its experience without ever giving center stage to the humans.” — Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Mar 20

Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop is a NYT and USA Today bestseller!

Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop, the fifth book in her acclaimed Others series, has debuted on the New York Times fiction bestsellers lists at #15 on the hardcover list and #13 on the print & ebook combined list! It has also debuted at #18 on the USA Today bestsellers list!

Mar 10

Publishers Weekly starred review for Brimstone

Brimstone by Cherie Priest

“In this pitch-perfect penny dreadful, Priest (The Family Plot) evokes the strangeness and charm of early-19th-century Florida and the fortitude of two spectacular protagonists. Alice Dartle, making a daring bid for freedom from her family home in Norfolk, Va., dreams of a man surrounded by fire. She journeys to join a community of Spiritualists in Cassadaga, Fla. where she hopes to learn how to control her natural psychic abilities. Tomás Cordero is a war veteran who’s just returned home to Ybor City, Fla., where he’s plagued by uncanny fires that seem determined to destroy all he loves. The two are brought together by powers beyond their understanding, which they must face armed only with universal love and compassion. Priest wields a brilliant command of the delightful and the frightening in this enchanting tale. Though spooky and dangerous events abound, each less logical than the last, she holds tightly to the theme that these events are rooted in human will. The detailed extrapolation of Spiritualist beliefs into reality makes the story even more terrifying than if it had a supernatural villain driving the chaos. The conclusion is both uplifting and satisfying, a fitting reward for the protagonists, who have each sought only to give help and love to those in need.” — Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

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