Apr 7

Tiptree Award long list includes Bear and Lee

Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear and “The Contemporary Foxwife” by Yoon Ha Lee have both been included on the 2015 Tiptree Award’s long list!

Mar 21

Ninefox Gambit is one of B&N’s SF/F Debuts to Watch for in 2016

Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee is one of B&N’s 7 SF/F Debuts to Watch for in 2016!

“Captain Kel Cheris is in a tough spot. After disgracing herself in battle, she’s given a second chance: retake a star fortress recently seized by heretics. Unfortunately, the only way to do that seems to be to team up with the digital ghost of an undead general most known for going crazy and massacring his own army. The first in the planned Machineries of Empire series, Ninefox Gambit more than deserves the significant advance buzz it has received, and won’t disappoint fans of Lee’s brain-bending short fiction.”

Mar 17

Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop is a NYT and USA Today bestseller!

Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop, the fourth book in her acclaimed Others series, has debuted on the New York Times fiction bestsellers lists at #13 print/ebook combined, #9 ebook, and #20 hardcover print extended! It has also debuted at #16 on the USA Today bestsellers list!

Mar 8

The Others Series Primer at B&N

There’s a great feature up at the B&N SFF blog called “Anne Bishop’s Others Is Urban Fantasy Perfection.”

“The Others series, beginning with Written in Red, stands alongside [Anne Bishop’s] best work, even as it stands out on crowded bookstore shelves. If you’ve yet to encounter them, fret not! Not so long ago, I was just like you. Today, I am a full convert, and I’m here to bring you up to speed, and tell you why you need to jump onboard, now.”

Feb 23

Publishers Weekly on The Edge of Worlds

The Edge of Worlds by Martha Wells

“In the beginning of this new full-length entry in Wells’s Raksura series (following 2012’s The Siren Depths), the entire community of Indigo Cloud, home to a shape-shifting race called the Raksura, has a nightmare of their world being destroyed by their archenemies, the predatory Fell. To prevent that, Jade, Moon (her consort), and other Raksura must join a group of archaeologists from several races to investigate an ancient site that could destroy them all…When the Fell do show up and bring a new wrinkle to their characterization, the dramatic battles, tough decisions, and character dynamics shine through. Filtering the story mostly through the semi-outsider Moon, Wells overcomes pacing flaws to keep this series going strong with an imaginative world of engaging characters.” — Publishers Weekly

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