Jan 6

Library Journal on Etched in Bone

Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop

“VERDICT: While the human vs. Others conflict was mostly resolved in Marked in Flesh, the long-unresolved romantic tension between Simon and Meg remained. Fans will be pleased Bishop finally has the pair addressing their feelings.

After the uprising from the Humans First and Last movement left the Others with no choice but to take action, there is tentative peace in Thaisia; the Elders now must decide if they should allow any humans at all in their lands. The Courtyard where Simon Wolfgard and Meg Corbyn live is their test case. The Elders watch Meg and her “human” friends and wait to see if they can be trusted. Into this fragile blend comes a dangerous man accustomed to taking what he wants and using everyone around him. While Simon and the Others who live at the Courtyard would prefer to take care of him their own way (teeth and claws would do the job), the Elders want to wait and see what happens. The world of the Others is as compelling as ever.” — Library Journal

Dec 8

Ghost Talkers is one of AudioFile’s Best Audiobooks of 2016

Ghost Talkers by Mary Robinette Kowal is one of AudioFile’s 2016 Best Audiobooks!

Dec 5

Ninefox Gambit is one of Tor.com’s Best Books of 2016

Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee is included in Tor.com’s Reviewers’ Choice: The Best Books of 2016!

Dec 1

Ninefox Gambit is one of The Guardian’s Best SFF of 2016

Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee is one of The Guardian’s Best SF and Fantasy books of 2016!

Nov 28

Publishers Weekly on Shadowed Souls

Shadowed Souls edited by Jim Butcher and Kerrie L. Hughes

“The morally gray heroes of this urban fantasy anthology refute the idea that all magic users are either good or evil. Butcher opens with his own “Cold Case,” the heart-wrenching story of a young woman trying to reconcile her new and terrible power with the duty she must perform…. Not every story will appeal to every reader, but the best of them truly shine.” — Publishers Weekly

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