Feb 2

RT Award nominations for Drayden, Bishop, and Wells

Congratulations to Nicky Drayden, Anne Bishop, and Martha Wells on being included among the 2017 RT Reviewers’ Choice Award Nominees!

The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden

Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop

The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden
All Systems Red by Martha Wells

Jan 31

All Systems Red nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award

Congratulations to Martha Wells on All Systems Red being nominated for the 2018 Philip K. Dick Award!

Dec 26

The Prey of Gods is one of Book Riot’s Best Books of 2017

The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden is one of Book Riot’s Best Books of 2017! Congratulations, Nicky!

“In the first two chapters of The Prey of Gods, a dolphin and a crab have sex while a sentient robot achieves consciousness, and it only gets stranger and more fabulous from there. Blending urban fantasy and science fiction, this South Africa-set novel is packed with wild, raucous fun: demigods reclaim their powers, robots rise up, a new club drug gives humans godlike abilities, a trans politician embraces her inner diva, queer teens fall for each other, a dik-dik infestation gets adorably out of control, and more. Somehow, thanks to a rip-roaring story and Drayden’s expansive imagination, it all coheres into the most fun you can have in 2017.” — Book Riot

Dec 21

Brimstone is one of NPR’s Best Books of 2017

Brimstone by Cherie Priest is one of NPR’s Best Books of 2017! Congratulations, Cherie!

Dec 18

L.A. Times on The Prey of Gods

The Prey of Gods by Nicky Drayden

“Nicky Drayden’s debut novel takes place in a future South Africa where robots have made life easier. The problem is the robots are starting to gain sentience, and it’s only a matter of time before they rebel. This book has a lot going on; it’s told from multiple individual points of view, seemingly disparate stories that come together as the book progresses… Drayden takes her story in unexpected directions, with unrepentant action and a surprising amount of depth. This book certainly isn’t for everyone; it’s definitely strange and unexpected, with plot twists and turns along the way. If weird is something you enjoy in a read, then you’ll likely appreciate “The Prey of Gods,” one of the most inventive debut novels of 2017.” — L.A. Times

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