Nov 2

New York Times Book Review on Dreams of Shreds and Tatters

Dreams of Shreds and Tatters by Amanda Downum

“There are hints at a deeper story here, one of drugs and addiction, about getting lost and the depths to which you can go to save your friends. And there are moments of promise, in which Downum successfully blurs the boundary between reality and fantasy until the narrative takes on a dreamlike fluidity, resulting in the freedom of possibility, of real surprise.” — New York Times Sunday Book Review

Jun 2
2015 on Dreams of Shreds and Tatters by Amanda Downum

Dreams of Shreds and Tatters by Amanda Downum

“I loved Downum’s other work, but I didn’t expect to enjoy Dreams of Shreds and Tatters half as much as I did. Unexpectedly, I adored it. It’s darkly gorgeous, tense, and gripping, with compelling characters and a subtle, unnervingly psychological element to its fantasy-horror turn. And, delightfully, not without a sense of humour. I recommend it highly.” —

May 11

Library Journal on Dreams of Shreds and Tatters by Amanda Downum

Dreams of Shreds and Tatters by Amanda Downum

“When she doesn’t hear from her friend Blake for months, Liz Drake travels with her roommate Alex to Vancouver where Blake had been living with a circle of artists that included his boyfriend Alain. She finds that Blake is in a coma, Alain is dead, and the artists, especially gallery owner Ranier, are keeping secrets. And Liz has been dreaming of Blake, trapped under water, visions that also reveal a secret world and a yellow king. VERDICT This unusual blend of urban fantasy and trippy horror is particularly notable for its lovely descriptions by Downum, author of “The Necromancer Chronicles” (last seen in 2012’s Kingdoms of Dust). She keeps the horrors slipping in and out of shadows­more menacing for being only half seen. Allusions to H.P. Lovecraft, Robert W. Chambers, and Ambrose Bierce are combined with modern city streets, addictive psychotropic drugs, and a stubborn heroine determined to save a friend.” — Library Journal

Apr 6

Publishers Weekly on Dreams of Shreds and Tatters by Amanda Downum

Dreams of Shreds and Tatters by Amanda Downum

“Downum (the Necromancer Chronicles) grounds this tale of friendship and love in a community of artists and magic users. When a ritual goes terribly wrong and leaves Vancouver artist Blake Enderly in a coma, his best friend, Liz Drake, and her stereotypically English boyfriend, Alex, travel to Vancouver to find out what happened to him. To save his life, Liz must navigate deadly magical peril in the waking world and undertake a quest in an equally dangerous dream world that leads her to Robert Chambers’s Carcosa and its ruler, the Yellow King. Downum’s narrative is packed to excess with artists and hangers-on, a dangerous drug with connections to the dream world, bloodthirsty maenads, and gun-toting cleanup artists specializing in supernatural mishaps. Readers eager for diverse characters will delight in the casually displayed variety of sexual and romantic orientations, including Liz’s comfortable asexuality. The vividly evoked bohemian, magical Vancouver and the haunting dream lands are largely secondary to the bonds of love, romantic and otherwise, among the novel’s likable, intensely beleaguered core characters.” — Publishers Weekly

Feb 20

Starred review from PW for newest Necromancer novel by Downum

Kingdoms of Dust by Amanda Downum

Necromancer Isyllt Iskaldur, exiled and forsworn following the events of 2011’s The Bone Palace, takes refuge with her mercenary comrade Adam at the court of the Assari empress. Stalked by agents of rival factions of Quietus, a fast-shrinking order of mages dedicated to containing ancient spirits of entropy, Isyllt and Asheris al Seth, a jinn bound in human flesh, venture into the burning desert in search of the ancient city of Qais and the source of the destructive ghost winds that threaten Assar’s very existence. Downum leavens the fast-paced fantasy adventure with the anger and despair of those bound, sometimes brutally, to preserve humanity’s safety and the moral dilemma the situation presents for Isyllt. This magnificent and multifaceted work, set against a richly detailed quasi-Arabian background, confirms Downum’s Necromancer Chronicles as a top-notch fantasy series. –Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

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