Mar 16

Lake Silence is a USA Today bestseller!

Lake Silence by Anne Bishop, the newest book set in the World of the Others, has debuted at #36 on the USA Today bestsellers list!

Mar 14

SYFY Wire talks with Anne Bishop about Lake Silence

Over on SYFY wire there’s a great interview with Anne Bishop where she talks about some the ideas that went into her newest novel, Lake Silence.

Mar 7

Lake Silence is a RT Book Reviews Top Pick!

Lake Silence by Anne Bishop

“Although award-winning Bishop’s amazing new UF book is not about beloved characters Meg and Simon, it is thankfully still set in the world of the Others. Bishop moves the action and story to a tiny village adjacent to Lake Silence. The richness of the world that Bishop has created is truly impressive, and the perspectives of the Others, including their view on humanity, makes these stories unique and unforgettable. While this reviewer is still hoping for additional Meg and Simon books, visiting Sproing and is fascinating inhabitants is also habit-forming! Bishop delivers again!” — RT Book Reviews, 4.5 stars, Top Pick!

Mar 3

Booklist on Lake Silence

Lake Silence by Anne Bishop

“Bishop’s newest installment in the bestselling Others series (after Etched in Bone, 2017) is nothing short of nail-biting fun…One human bridging the gap with the Others is Vicki DeVine, a strong but battered woman who received a rustic resort near Lake Silence in a recent divorce settlement from her abusive ex-husband. Vicki restores the resort, and her business provides a safe haven for the Others and humans to learn about one another on neutral ground. But when Vicki’s ex and his cronies set a dangerous plot in motion to take back the resort, the humans quickly realize that the Others are in control—and will go to any lengths to remove the human threat. What follows is a fast-paced story unfolding against a fantasy backdrop that readers looking for a little bit of mystery to unravel will enjoy.” — Booklist

Feb 15

Publishers Weekly on Lake Silence

Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop

“The sixth installment of Bishop’s paranormal series (after 2017’s Etched in Bone), set in an alternate upstate New York, constitutes a fresh take on a series concept…It is a standalone thriller, set near a village called Sproing in the Finger Lakes. New to the cast is narrator Vicki DeVine, who, unlike past protagonists, is an ordinary human woman. Recently divorced from an abusive wheeler-dealer, she has come to Lake Silence to renovate the property that constituted her settlement. The Jumble is exactly that: a dilapidated sprawl of buildings, abandoned by humans but not by the world’s supernatural predators, the Others. Vicki plans to reopen it as a modest resort until a body is discovered on her land. Abruptly, this unassuming, hesitant woman must cope with a police investigation as well as a conspiracy by developers to seize the Jumble. Many core elements of prior plots are intact, notably the Others’ inevitable dominance…but the pleasures of these books have always lain in worldbuilding and character growth. Centering these on a woman liberating herself (personally and professionally) from abuse makes this episode unexpectedly timely.” — Publishers Weekly

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