May 4

Publishers Weekly on new Jay Lake novel


Lake (Escapement) makes a shift from steampunk to lush fantasy filled with exotic locales and exquisite descriptions. Sold as a child, raised and educated as a courtesan and secretly trained as an assassin, strong-willed Green retains her unyielding sense of independence, leading her to make drastic, unwise choices. Often used as a pawn and occasionally betrayed, she perseveres in trying to gain a measure of control over her life and a place to call home. Her goals become harder to reach when she’s caught up in the machinations of immortals and power games of meddling gods. Despite an occasionally episodic feel and some rocky pacing that suggests it might have worked better split over several installments, the story is nicely powered by strong mythic undertones and a fresh take on the relationship between gods and mortals. –Publishers Weekly

Aug 4

Locus Bestsellers – August

Jim Butcher is at #2 on the hardcover list with Small Favor (The Dresden Files, Book 10). His second month on the list!

C.E. Murphy’s The Queen’s Bastard (The Inheritors’ Cycle, Book 1) is at #1 on the trade list.

And Jay Lake ties for the #9 spot on the mass market list with the paperback edition of Mainspring.

Congratulations to everyone!

Jun 11

Theodore Sturgeon and John W. Campbell Memorial Award Finalists announced

Congratulations to Elizabeth Bear for her story “Tideline” (Asimov’s, June 2007) – a finalist for the Sturgeon, for best science fiction story of the year.

Congratulations to Jay Lake for his book, Mainspring – a finalist for the John W. Campbell Memorial, for best science fiction novel of the year (this is not the same as the Campbell-not-a-Hugo award at Worldcon).

You are both keeping some might fine company!

Apr 28

Jay Lake’s Escapement gets starred review in PW

This lively and thought-provoking sequel to 2007’s Mainspring expands Lake’s alternate 19th-century world of baroque politics and gothic clockwork. Paolina Barthes is a teenage scientific prodigy born in a small Portuguese fishing village at the base of the massive equatorial gear-wall. Determined to learn from English engineering “wizards” and understand the work of the great gears and wheels that move the universe, Paolina creates a homebrew chronometer, or “gleam,” and sets off toward London. When she discovers the gleam has astonishing magical properties that only she can evoke, she becomes a target of various political and philosophical factions. Her efforts to figure out what the gleam can do while evading capture and persevering on her quest recall Lyra and the alethiometer from Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, but Paolina’s sharp engineer’s mind puts a very different spin on her journey. Lake effectively anneals steampunk with geo-mechanical magic in an allegorical matrix of empire building and Victorian natural science. Publishers Weekly

Escapement will be released in June of this year. The paperback of Mainspring is conveniently coming out tomorrow.

Feb 5

Locus Recommended Reading List 2007

Elizabeth Bear seems to have done quite well in 2007:

Jay Lake gets props for:

Also, Ekaterina Sedia in:

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