Jun 19

Jim Butcher’s SKIN GAME on NYT bestseller list (week 3)

SKIN GAME, the latest book in Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series, is on the New York Times hardcover bestsellers list for a third consecutive week, this time at #8!

Jun 12

Jim Butcher’s SKIN GAME on NYT bestseller list (week 2)

Jim Butcher’s SKIN GAME is on the New York Times hardcover bestsellers list for a second week, this time at #2!

Jun 5

Jim Butcher’s SKIN GAME debuts at #1!

Jim Butcher’s SKIN GAME, the newest Dresden Files novel, has debuted on the New York Times hardcover bestsellers list at #1, and is also #1 on both the e-book list and the combined print & e-book list!

In the U.K., SKIN GAME has debuted at #1 on the Sunday Times bestsellers list!

Congratulations, Jim!

May 27

Starred Library Journal review for new Dresden Files

Skin Game by Jim Butcher

Butcher (Cold Days) brings back wizard Harry Dresden for his 15th adventure fighting a rogue’s gallery of supernatural villains, but this time in a caper story. Harry has recently taken on the mantle of the Winter Knight, servant to Mab, the Faerie Queen of Air and Darkness, and she has a job for Harry. Mab has a debt to pay to Nicodemus Archleone, Knight of the Blackened Denarius, so she is loaning him Harry’s assistance. As holders of one of Judas’s pieces of silver imbued with a fallen angel, the Knights are very bad news. Worse for Harry is that the job Nicodemus plans is a raid on the vault of Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Dresden is no cream puff himself, but something of an amalgam of his own intelligence and cunning mixed with Harry Potter-like devotion to his friends and the cause of good. VERDICT This is urban fantasy par excellence, with magical action, moral dilemmas, and a wonderful cast. Series fans will love this, and there is enough backstory for newcomers. — Library Journal, Starred Review

Nov 5

PW review of new Dresden Files novel by Jim Butcher

Cold Days by Jim Butcher

In yet another engaging urban fantasy that leavens apocalyptic threats with smart-ass humor, Butcher just keeps upping the ante for wizard Harry Dresden, appearing in his 14th novel after 2011’s Ghost Story. Being killed has barely slowed down the Chicago PI, who now serves as the Winter Knight. In that role, Dresden operates as hit man for Mab, the queen of air and darkness, who is forbidden from killing mortals. Not only is his liege capricious and deadly, but Dresden soon finds himself up against new supernatural foes, not least the Redcap, who dyes his headgear with the blood of anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. The greatest danger, however, may be from Dresden’s new assignment from Mab: to murder her daughter, Maeve. Plentiful backstory allows newcomers to have little trouble getting caught up in the action or connecting with the charismatic lead. –Publishers Weekly

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