Bridge of Dreams by Anne Bishop

Ephemera is a world of landscapes connected by bridges that have the power to take you where your heart
belongs. Lee is a Bridge, who can make connections between pieces of the world. Just coming from a visit
to Glorianna Belladonna (his sister), he runs into a group of wizards out to wreck his sister’s work. In a
desperate attempt to keep them from her, he creates a bridge to a place disconnected from any of his
family’s landscapes—the city of Vision—and takes the wizards with him. In Vision, he is taken to an
Asylum, a raving madman. Vision has its own problems: a darkness is hiding its streets, baffling the
Shamans who watch over it. Fortunately, one of those Shamans has been assigned to oversee the Asylum
Lee is sent to. Between Danyal, the Shaman, and Zhahar, a Handler at the Asylum, Lee recovers—and
discovers that the threat to Vision is not just to the city. With a well-paced mystery, likable characters, and
fascinating world building, this is a fun read. –Regina Schroeder, Booklist

*** Also available: The Voice, a new novella set in the world of Ephemera for a special electronic release price of $2.99 ***
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