Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Meg Corbyn is a cassandra sangue, a blood prophet who sees the future when her skin is cut. Along with others like her, she has lived under the tight reins of her Controllers, with no actual experiences of the real world. Knowing that eventually blood prophets lose their usefulness and, usually, their lives, Meg seeks refuge at the Lakeside Courtyard, a part of the city owned and operated by the Others—shapeshifters and other supernatural creatures. Even thoough the Others have ample reasons to despise humans, they give Meg a job as the Human Liaison, dealing with the elements in the outside world that do business with the shapeshifters. As Meg learns more about both the world of experience and the society of the Others, she also becomes aware that her Controllers are not going to let her go without a fight. The award-winning author of the Black Jewels series (Daughter of the Blood; Heir to the Shadows; Queen of the Darkness; The Invisible Ring) continues to craft well-plotted fantasy that is filled with sensuality and detail and populated with characters who compel the reader’s attention. This urban fantasy should appeal to fans of Tanith Lee, Tanya Huff, and Storm Constantine. –Library Journal