Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

VERDICT: This is a strong example of a midseries-building book, showing the heightening of stress without a major change in the status quo. Bishop (Murder of Crows; Daughter of the Blood) marvelously invents a rich world that is a faint echo of our own but ruled by wild inhuman creatures tied to nature and pushed to violence by the greed of humans who refuse to understand that they are not in charge. The delicate character of Meg is a fulcrum, a special human whom the Others protect, and her damaged but determined will is the key to this terrific series.

As tensions escalate between the terra indigene known as the Others and the humans who live among them, Simon Wolfgard and the Lakeside Courtyard search for a compromise that will allow peaceful coexistence. But a group called Humans First and Last are stirring up hostility toward the Others, and blood prophet Meg Corbyn is crucial to uncovering their plans before it is too late. — Library Journal