May 25

The Murderbot Diaries nominated for 2020 Seiun Award!

The Japanese editions of The Murderbot Diaries, translated by Naoya Nakahara, have been nominated in the Best Translated Novel category for the 2020 Seiun Awards from the Science Fiction Fan Groups’ Association of Nippon (SFFAN)!

May 21

Kirkus on Overwatch: The Hero of Numbani

Overwatch: The Hero of Numbani by Nicky Drayden

“Young roboticist Efi dreams of creating a better life for her community, where omnics and humans live peacefully, in this novel inspired by the video game Overwatch. Efi spends so many hours in her workshop ironing out bugs in her robots that her mother worries she isn’t connecting enough with best friends Naade and Hassana. But her work pays off when Efi wins the Genius Grant given out by her idol, Gabrielle Adawe, who founded both the organization Overwatch and the African city of Numbani. On the way to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate, Doomfist, who should be in prison, attacks the airport. The destruction left in Doomfist’s wake spurs Efi to put her grant money toward developing Orisa, a compassionate robot that can protect the city she loves. The immense pressure of this project strains the three friends’ relationship, forcing Efi to go it alone. While Efi teaches Orisa to integrate into Numbani, Orisa teaches her about responsibility and friendship—and as Dooomfist provokes discord between omnics and humans, Efi, Naade, and Hassana must come together to save Numbani. Drayden (Escaping Exodus, 2019, etc.) gives Efi a clear voice in this engrossing read with smooth pacing and action-packed scenes. The main storyline is tied up enough to keep readers satisfied but interested in the sequel; readers don’t need to be familiar with the video game to understand the book. All characters are black. Readers will root for this STEM-focused girl hero.” — Kirkus

May 19

The Border Keeper shortlisted for Nommo Award!

The Border Keeper by Kerstin Hall has been shortlisted in the novella category for the 2020 Nommo Awards from the African Speculative Fiction Society!

May 15

Network Effect by Martha Wells is a NYT and USA Today bestseller!

Network Effect by Martha Wells, the first full-length Murderbot novel, has debuted on the New York Times fiction bestsellers list at #14 on the print & ebook combined list, and has also debuted at #21 on the USA Today bestsellers list!

May 12

Booklist starred review for Network Effect

Network Effect by Martha Wells

“Everyone’s favorite Murderbot is now working as a security consultant for Preservation Station. While accompanying several members of Dr. Mensah’s family on a research outing, they’re attacked by a ship that looks a lot like their old friend, the transport ship ART. Murderbot and Amena, Mensah’s daughter, are kidnapped and taken aboard, where they uncover a plot that leads back to a strange planet, corporate machinations, and a possible alien contagion. The Murderbot novellas were perfectly paced to fit a ton of action into a short form. Network Effect is just as action-packed, but the pace is now calibrated to fill a full novel, which gives it more breathing room and opportunities to explore the characters and the setting in greater depth. Relationships between all the characters are richer and more nuanced. Wells reveals more about Dr. Mensah’s family and some surprises about ART and establishes more details about how the Corporations function, the contrasts between the Corporate Rim and Preservation Station, the politics at play, and some of the history of pre-Corporate planetary colonization attempts. It’s a welcome expansion of this universe and lays the groundwork for more stories to come in a series that continues to grow and impress.” — Booklist, Starred Review

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