Jan 13

Library Journal on Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

VERDICT: This is a strong example of a midseries-building book, showing the heightening of stress without a major change in the status quo. Bishop (Murder of Crows; Daughter of the Blood) marvelously invents a rich world that is a faint echo of our own but ruled by wild inhuman creatures tied to nature and pushed to violence by the greed of humans who refuse to understand that they are not in charge. The delicate character of Meg is a fulcrum, a special human whom the Others protect, and her damaged but determined will is the key to this terrific series.

As tensions escalate between the terra indigene known as the Others and the humans who live among them, Simon Wolfgard and the Lakeside Courtyard search for a compromise that will allow peaceful coexistence. But a group called Humans First and Last are stirring up hostility toward the Others, and blood prophet Meg Corbyn is crucial to uncovering their plans before it is too late. — Library Journal

Nov 13

Anne Bishop nominated for a 2014 RT Book Award

Congratulations to Anne Bishop on her nomination for a 2014 RT Reviewers’ Choice Award in the category of Urban Fantasy Worldbuilding for MURDER OF CROWS!

Feb 25

Library Journal Review for new Anne Bishop fantasy

Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop

Living among the shifters, vampires, and earth elementals known as the Others is a dangerous proposition for humans, but Meg Corbyn is no ordinary mortal. As a cassandra sangue Meg can see the future when her skin is cut. In 2013’s Written in Red, Meg had just escaped from the compound where young women with her abilities are held captive and cut for the benefit of rich and powerful men. In this sequel, Meg has earned her place in the Others’ Courtyard but still struggles with the urge to cut herself. Everything points to a violent confrontation between the Others, who control most of the world, and the smaller human population, who must never forget that they will always be prey to the powerful natives. VERDICT: Bishop excels at creating irresistible dark worlds, but this series avoids some of the baroque excesses of her popular “Black Jewels” universe while still having that startling otherness and a touch of sensuality. Her alternate America in which the natural world belongs to the Others and humans are interlopers is fascinating. –Library Journal

Feb 1

Booklist review for new Anne Bishop fantasy

Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop

The second book in the Others series continues to tell of the struggles of humans and the “terra indigene,” commonly referred to as Others. Building on the story told in the initial book, Written in Red (2013), Meg Corbyn is finding that life as a blood prophet, away from the man who had owned her, is anything but simple. In this fascinating tale, the Others, including vampires and shape-shifters, are the dominant species of the continent, and humans are the interlopers, barely tolerated. Meg does her best to keep the peace, but when she starts having more and more violent prophecies involving the deaths of Others, she struggles to get the dreams interpreted. It becomes clearer over time that what she sees is a foretelling of war between the Others and humans. Questions of who is instigating the growing clashes and why they are doing it linger throughout the book. The world is described in fluid detail, set in an alternate reality of Earth, with characters that are complex and intriguing. A fantastic sequel to the first book in the series. –Booklist

Mar 4

Library Journal on launch of new Anne Bishop series

Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Meg Corbyn is a cassandra sangue, a blood prophet who sees the future when her skin is cut. Along with others like her, she has lived under the tight reins of her Controllers, with no actual experiences of the real world. Knowing that eventually blood prophets lose their usefulness and, usually, their lives, Meg seeks refuge at the Lakeside Courtyard, a part of the city owned and operated by the Others—shapeshifters and other supernatural creatures. Even thoough the Others have ample reasons to despise humans, they give Meg a job as the Human Liaison, dealing with the elements in the outside world that do business with the shapeshifters. As Meg learns more about both the world of experience and the society of the Others, she also becomes aware that her Controllers are not going to let her go without a fight. The award-winning author of the Black Jewels series (Daughter of the Blood; Heir to the Shadows; Queen of the Darkness; The Invisible Ring) continues to craft well-plotted fantasy that is filled with sensuality and detail and populated with characters who compel the reader’s attention. This urban fantasy should appeal to fans of Tanith Lee, Tanya Huff, and Storm Constantine. –Library Journal

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