Mar 11

Anne Bishop and Jim Butcher on the NYT list

Congratulations to Anne Bishop for Shalador’s Ladyat #16 on the New York Times hardcover list and to Jim Butcher with Turn Coat taking #12 on the paperback bestseller list!

Mar 2

PW on new Dresden Files novel

butcher-changesChanges (Dresden Files, Book 12)
by Jim Butcher

“The fast-paced and compelling 12th book in Butcher’s bestselling series (after 2009’s Turn Coat) is aptly titled. Beginning with the revelation that wizard detective Harry Dresden has a daughter, Butcher throws one high-stakes curveball after another at his hero. Harry’s ex-girlfriend, Susan Rodriguez, discloses young Maggie’s existence after vampire Red Court duchess Arianna Ortega kidnaps the child. Ortega holds Harry responsible for the death of her husband and is planning to offer Maggie as a human sacrifice. With a fragile peace in place between the Red Court and the White Council of wizards, Harry is unable to count on them for support in his rescue mission, and he must compromise almost everything he believes in to save his daughter. Butcher is deft at relieving some of the tension and grimness with bursts of gallows humor that keep readers coming back for more.” –Publishers Weekly

Dec 14

Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera finale makes NYT list

Congratulations to Jim Butcher for First Lord’s Fury (Codex Alera, Book 6) making #7 on the New York Times hardcover bestselling list!

And Princeps’ Fury (Codex Alera, Book 5) garnered #18 on the mass market bestselling list.

Bonus: This volume of Codex Alera comes with the long-awaited map, illustrated by Priscilla Spencer. Desktop wallpaper sizes available here.

Nov 3

RT gives First Lord’s Fury rare Gold Medal

First Lord’s Fury, Codex Alera, Book 6

The wait is finally over, as the incomparable Butcher gives salivating fans the piece-de-resistance of his Codex Alera series. The incredible journey of clever Tavi, from shepherd’s apprentice to last hope of the Realm, has been both thrilling and harrowing — not mention completely engrossing. In this finale, the blistering pace of warfare never falters and is split between character viewpoints, but the heart of the story remains the evolution of a singular young man. As heroes go, they don’t come better than Tavi! Bravo, Mr. Butcher! — Romantic Times, 4 1/2 Stars + Gold Medal

Jul 15

July Locus bestsellers, New and Notable books

butcher_turncoatCongratulations to Jim Butcher with Turn Coat taking the #1 spot on Locus’ hardcover bestseller list! Small Favor is on the paperback list at #7.

lake-greenJay Lake’s Green is named a New And Notable book this month. The eponymous heroine of this colorful fantasy is a slave, courtesan, and assassin struggling to navigate a land of magic and political intrigue. “A complex, beautifully described world — something like a combination of steampunk and the gods of India, with an added dash of Lovecraftian horror.” [Faren Miller]

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