Jul 15

July Locus bestsellers, New and Notable books

butcher_turncoatCongratulations to Jim Butcher with Turn Coat taking the #1 spot on Locus’ hardcover bestseller list! Small Favor is on the paperback list at #7.

lake-greenJay Lake’s Green is named a New And Notable book this month. The eponymous heroine of this colorful fantasy is a slave, courtesan, and assassin struggling to navigate a land of magic and political intrigue. “A complex, beautifully described world — something like a combination of steampunk and the gods of India, with an added dash of Lovecraftian horror.” [Faren Miller]

Jun 2

PW reviews Storm Front adaptation

The Dresden Files: Storm Front (Volume 1)

Beginning an unusually successful adaptation, this volume covers the first part of the book that introduced Harry Dresden, a modern wizard who’s set up shop in downtown Chicago. Unlike Hellblazer’s John Constantine, Dresden is unambiguously heroic, cooperating with the police to solve gruesome magical murderers while also working solo as a supernatural PI. The two cases he undertakes here don’t seem related, but they both send Dresden out into the mean streets and eldritch corners of the modern world. More to the point, they let Butcher (and adapter Powers) set up a rich, quirky universe for Dresden to explore, as when he interviews a spiteful vampire madam or fights a trench coat-clad demonic assassin. Powers and artist Syaf do a very nice job of working a lot of text-conversations and Harry’s reflections-into lively-looking pages. The action is well handled, too, especially when the climactic battle with the demon moves from inside Harry’s apartment to outdoors during a thunderstorm. The Dresden novels are already New York Times bestsellers, and this comic looks like another winner. — Publishers Weekly

May 7

Affaire de Couer on the newest Dresden Files

Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, Book 11)

During this very complicated game of cat and mouse, Harry must uncover the traitor within the Council and clear Morgan’s name, as well as stay alive. This was one of the most unpredictable versions of this book so far. I am a loyal reader and always find myself surprised, but this time, the author managed some stunts even I couldn’t believe. Overall, this series just gets better and better. –Affaire de Couer, Reviewer’s Pick, 5 Stars

Apr 24

Congratulations to Jim Butcher!

Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, Book 11)

#1 on the New York Times Bestseller List 4/26/2009

#10 on the USA Today Bestseller List 4/16/2009

#1 on the Publishers Weekly Bestseller List 4/20/2009

And the Welcome to the Jungle Dresden Files graphic novel collection is #9 on the New York Times Bestseller list 4/26/2009

Apr 15

Library Journal on the new Dresden Files novel

Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, Book 11)

When fans of the immensely popular Dresden Files series last left the urban wizard in Small Favor, he was dealing with the aftermath of an adventure that might have left his best friend’s life and family in danger. But Harry is back in fine form in his 11th outing, which begins with another, extremely unexpected White Council Warden begging for sanctuary at Harry’s place and ends with several frightening revelations. Once again, Butcher’s urban fantasy features excellent, irreverent humor, the return of favorite characters, and new challenges from unexpected foes. Harry’s cop friend, the tiny but fierce Murphy, sticks by his side here, as do the werewolves Harry befriended in 2001’s Fool Moon. Longtime readers will not be disappointed. Recommended for public libraries collecting the series; this is also a great book to plunge newbies into the dark, magical side of Chicago. –Library Journal

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