Jul 28

Romantic Times on the latest McKenna book

Stealing Thunder (Harlequin Intrigue Series)

STEALING THUNDER (4.5) by Patricia Rosemoor: Running from the family “curse” and his family’s dictatorial methods, horse wrangler and psychic Tiernan McKenna left Ireland to find his way among his South Dakota cousins. He comes to the rescue of history teacher Ella Thunder when her past returns to haunt her. Fifteen years ago, teenage Ella watched as a mob swarmed her home, hauling her father away to be burned at the stake as a witch. She then turned her back on her own gifts, only to return as a consultant for a movie being filmed from her own textbook. It will take both of their gifts to find out who’s causing the trouble on the movie set, murdering an innocent man and drumming up suspicion against Ella among her people. Rosemoor has a first-class mystery, two spunky and dedicated characters and an innately mysterious setting. — Romantic Times

Dec 9

Patricia Rosemoor gets 4 Stars from RT!

Patricia Rosemoor’s Christmas Delivery, part of the Jenkins Cove miniseries (with Christmas Spirit by Rebecca York and Christmas Awakening by Ann Voss Peterson).

Thirteen years ago, teenagers Simon Shea and Lexie Thornton were set to elope, but Simon died after a night of lovemaking in the woods. Or did he? Suddenly, Simon is standing in front of Lexie, a changed man, insisting she needs protection and that he’s here to face down the people that wronged him. Should she believe him, or have the years damaged the sweet boy she loved? And how can she explain to her daughter that the father she never knew is alive? Patricia Rosemoor’s excellent plot, throttled-up action and touch of the supernatural make Christmas Delivery (4) an excellent read. — Romantic Times, 4 Stars!

Oct 14

book trailer for Rosemoor Christmas trilogy

Apr 22

Romantic Times Awards

Congratulations to Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette for winning the 2007 Reviewers’ Choice Award in the fantasy category for A Companion to Wolves.

Patricia Rosemoor collected both the Reviewers’ Choice Award for the series intrigue category – for Wolf Moon – as well as a Career Achievement Award for her contribution to romantic adventure.

To top it off, Jim Butcher scored a Career Achievement Award in the contemporary category for his urban fantasy work with the Dresden Files Series. Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1)

See all the winners here.

Jan 31

new McKenna book from Patricia Rosemoor

As reported on Publishers Marketplace:

Patricia Rosemoor’s new book in the author’s popular McKenna Legacy series, to Denise Zaza at Harlequin Intrigue, for publication in April 2009, by Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

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