Aug 11

The New York Times on Ninefox Gambit

Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee

“Amid such brutal calculus, Lee (himself an Ivy League-educated mathematician) fortunately doesn’t stint on character development or plot. The protagonist is Kel Cheris, a young soldier gifted in number theory, who is summoned from the battlefield for a strange new mission. She must partner with the disgraced General Jedao, possibly the only person in the hexarchate who can help reclaim the strategically critical Fortress of Scattered Needles and stop the looming threat of calendrical rot. Problem: Jedao has been dead for centuries, executed after he went mad and slaughtered thousands of his own people. Cheris must become host to this unstable genius’s “ghost,” or preserved personality ­and once she does, she must immediately learn how to navigate her way through politics more ancient than the hexarchate itself. Meanwhile, if she slips even once in her self-control or calculations, her ghostly ally will drive her mad too. Or worse.

The story is dense, the pace intense, and the delicate East Asian flavoring of the math-rich setting might make it seem utterly alien to many readers yet metaphors for our own world abound…Readers willing to invest in a steep learning curve will be rewarded with a tight-woven, complicated but not convoluted, breathtakingly original space opera. And since this is only the first book of the Machineries of Empire trilogy, it’s the start of what looks to be a wild ride.” — New York Times

Jul 14
2016 on Ninefox Gambit

Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee

“…for those itching for dense worldbuilding, a riproaring plot, complex relationships, and military SF with a deep imagination, it’ll do just the trick. Lee’s already shown he has the chops for short fiction, and now Ninefox Gambit proves that he’s a novelist to watch out for. This is military SF with blood, guts, math, and heart.” —

Jun 30

B&N SFF on Ninefox Gambit

Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee

“Yoon Ha Lee’s short fiction has been praised for its elegant prose, outsize SF-nal ambition, and rigorous technical detail. Hard SF space opera from a mathematician and data analyst: one of those times you put a bunch of boring words together, and the result is only awesome. Ordered to retake a fortress captured by heretical rebels and with no other way to win, Captain Kel Cheris must welcome into her head the digitized consciousness of Shuos Jedao, an infamous military strategist who has been exiled to machine space ever since he engineered a disastrous campaign that left an entire planet dead. Together, they will unlock a galaxy-wide conspiracy that could disrupt the entirety of their rigid, ordered, highly mathematical society, throwing everything into chaos. This is one of the most challenging, mind-expanding new sci-fi books you’ll read this year.” — Barnes & Noble SFF

Jun 9

RT Book Reviews on Ninefox Gambit

Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee

“Suitably enough, given the rigid Doctrine of the hexarchate and the irresistible formation instinct of the warrior Kel faction, Ninefox Gambit is a book of precise rigor that gives a wonderful amount of worldbuilding without any clunky exposition dumps, is ruthlessly clear-eyed about the costs and concerns of war (especially at this technological level) and gives us an instantly ingratiating heroine who spends most of the book doing her best to outmaneuver the forces that have set her up to fail, waste the lives of her troops or just die. This is a future to get excited about, especially given the likely path of the next book.” — RT Book Reviews, 4 stars

Jun 6

Ninefox Gambit is a Kirkus Must Read for June

Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee is on Kirkus’ Must Read List For June:

“WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Kel Cheris, a captain disgraced for her unconventional methods in the galactic fight against heretics, is given a chance to redeem herself by capturing a star fortress back from the heretics. However, to do so, she enlists the aid of an undead (that is, resurrected) tactician who went mad in his first life.

WHY YOU MIGHT LIKE IT: Ninefox Gambit is a smart space opera that pushes the frontier of science fiction.”

It’s also an Amazon best SFF of the month pick for June!

And is one of io9’s Scifi and Fantasy Novels You Should Add to Your Bookshelves This June!

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